A recreational opportunity

in central British Columbia

Sailboat at Nechako Lodge boat launch


Real boating adventures.

The lakes and streams in the vicinity of the lodge offer wilderness boating at its best.

The huge expanse of Eutsuk Lake in North Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and the chain of lakes of the Nechako Reservoir attract wilderness boating and canoeing enthusiasts from all over. Exploring the islands and bays of this glacier fed lake or fishing for the famously big Eutsuk rainbows, surrounded by the spectacular glaciers and peaks of the Coast Mountains, is an unforgettable experience. Some canoeist chose to follow the chain of lakes that stretch for over 200 kilometers from Surel Bay at the west end of Eutsuk Lake to Nechako Lodge near Kenney Dam on Knewstubb Lake.

Fish Lake

A trip on the remote Nechako River is an unforgettable wilderness canoeing experience and requires only moderate skill levels.  The river winds its way north, first through a narrow canyon, then past beautiful pine, spruce and aspen forests to the open range land and few settlements of the lower Nechako River valley. To run the full length of the river from the bottom of Cheslatta Falls to Prince George will take approximately 6-8 days. Road access is available at several locations, making shorter journeys possible.

Rely on Nechako Aviation for canoe fly-in, prearranged pick-ups, supply drops or safety checks.

Boating Distances (approx.)Nechako River

From Nechako Lodge to:

  • Knewstubb Lake Narrows                  25 km / 16 mi
  • Tetachuck River                                    96 km / 60 mi
  • Red Fern Rapids                                 135 km / 85 mi  
  • Sand Cabin Bay                                168 km / 105 mi
  • Surel Bay                                           215 km / 135 mi


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