A recreational opportunity

in central British Columbia

Surel Falls, North Tweedsmuir Park



Hikers, birders and wildlife enthusiasts will find the most popular trails in our region all within easy access from Nechako Lodge.
Cheslatta Falls is a popular destination not only from the lodge but also from Vanderhoof.

Cut-off Butte

Historic Cheslatta Trail - Marker

The well marked circle trail leads to spectacular viewpoints above, right beside, and below the massive falls. Ancient house pits of the Carrier People found next to the trail along Cheslatta River are also a highlight of this short hike.

Cheslatta Falls

Cut-Off Butte is another relatively short hike - offering a view of the hills, lakes and forests of the Nechako Plateau and on clear days even the Coast Mountains. On the summit, hidden in a rock cairn, you will find a book - please sign it and enjoy the commentary of other visitors who have been here before.

The Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail and Cheslatta Trail, restored ancient Carrier trade routes, are a challenge for the serious wilderness hiker.


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